And yet another tooth!

Jax has had a really loose tooth for a couple of days.  It was so loose that it would swing out in front of his other teeth and make him look like a country bumpkin.  In fact, before I would take a picture of him I would have to tell him to put his tooth back in place.  It was gross.

Finally today at school, he was in art class and he wiggled it and it came out.  He was pretty excited that he lost another tooth at school.  I guess it gives him a lot of attention.  Come to think of it, that is probably why he didn't work too hard getting it out when he was home.

When I picked him up at carpool he told me how he didn't lose it.  I didn't see him because I was driving so I answered the usual "uh huh." and drove on.  But he was really playing a joke on me and told me all about his tooth falling out.  Everyone starting laughing with him and he had to go to the school nurse.  He loves to go to the school nurse.  Unfortunately, she wasn't there but he ended up getting a baggie for his little tooth.

He told me that his friend Ally said he looks really funny when he smiles.  He's pretty proud of that huge gap in his mouth now.  He thinks it is so cool that he can stick his tongue through the gap now!

Jax wrote the tooth fairy again so he could keep his tooth.  The tooth fairy knows that he wants to keep his tooth, but I guess he wanted to be sure.  She brought him some money and a new tooth brush.  It's a Batman tooth brush that lights up AND makes sounds.  He was pretty happy with that and couldn't wait to use it this morning.

36 Months {Julianne}

Julianne is 3 years old!

She started out this month by crawling out of her crib.  One morning, she just opened her door and came in to tell me good morning!  And that was the end of me sleeping in ever again.  Because she was now getting up with the sun.  Which was about 6:30am.  And she wouldn't take her naps either.  So I had one very sleep deprived child because of her refusal to sleep.  One day when I told her it was time for quiet time, she looked at the clock and told me, "let's just change the clock."  But sleep catches up with her when she least expects it!

We have bought her black out curtains and that seems to help a bit.

We also did a makeover on her room.  I found out that the crib she was sleeping in was recalled.  I went online to find the instructions to convert it to a toddler bed and I couldn't believe when I found out it was recalled.  I ended up calling the store that we got it from and getting a full refund.  So I ordered her a twin size platform bed which is going to look really cute.  In the meantime, she sleeping on a mattress on the floor and doesn't seem to mind one bit!

Julie is a busy girl.  One day I caught her on her princess phone while playing on the iPad!  She was in a very important conversation with one of the princesses...

She loves her shopping cart and will load that cart up with all sorts of trinkets.  Julie told Justin, "I shopping Daddy."  She was wearing a Tinkerbell shirt and so Justin commented to her that she looked like Tinkerbell.  She answered, "Yes Daddy, I do."

Julie loves to play Lalaloopsies.  Most of the time she will come up to me and ask, "Now play with me mama?"  And how can I resist?  It's funny to watch her imagination work.  Most of the time one of the lalaloopsies was having a birthday party so we would get the party together and then sing happy birthday to the little figurine.  She loved that so much.

And while she is a girly-girl at heart, she does not mind getting messy in the dirt!

Happy Birthday Julianne!  We love you so much!

6 Years Old {Jaxson}

Jax is 6 years old now. Look how tiny he once was!

I can't believe how old he is getting!

I asked Jax some interview questions to get his perspective of just turning 6.

My favorite food is: cookies

My favorite show to watch is: Phineas and Ferb

I love it when I can read: books made from school

The best thing about school: going to PE

The worst thing about school: going to naptime

The coolest person is: Tyler

I am really good at: being quiet

My favorite color is: blue

The best place to be is: at home

When I grow up I want to be: a police

If I could do something all day long I would: build Legos

I really do not like to eat: soup

My friends are:  Tyler, Sora, Anthony, Pearson, Luke, Abby, Kylee

Favorite toy: Legos

When I was little I used to: play

3 words that describe me: play Skylanders, swap them, and I like Lava Barf Eruptor

This year I hope to learn: writing

35 Months (Julianne)

One more month and this little cutie will be three!

Seriously.  How did that happen?!

Julie is our goofy girl.  She loves Disney princesses and playing Skylanders (with help!).  She loves to wear big bows in her hair and pulling her hair into a pony tails so she can play in the mud out in back.  In other words, she keeps us on our toes.

She loves to shop and is actually really helpful.  When we went shopping at Target and Kohls, she was helping me pick out shirts and telling me the pink and purple sparkly ones are pretty.  Not my style, but it sure was her style!

And look how cute she is with her tiny shopping cart.  All the grocery stores around here have these little carts.  At first I thought it was really neat, HOWEVER, after 50 million times of my ankles being ran into with that cart, I changed my mind.  Don't let that cute little cart fool you-it hurts!  I may have been guilty of telling her that the little shopping carts were all gone the next time we shopped....

Julie loves to help me in the kitchen.  She did not get this from me.  But I'm glad she enjoys it.  We've been making cookies, breads, soups, etc.  She gets really frustrated when I won't let her crack the eggs.  She tries to tell me that she is a big girl and not a baby.  She has yet to convince me. 

Julie still loves to sing.  Every time I would try to get a video of her singing, she would stop.  One day I'll capture it!

Happy 35 Months Julie!

Jaxson's Birthday Celebration

Jaxson's birthday fell on a Thursday this year and somehow we ended up celebrating on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  A three day celebration for Jax was right up his alley.

On Thursday, I brought cupcakes to school during snack time and the kids loved that!  Jax doesn't talk about his friends much, but I had several kindergarten boys come up to me and tell me that they were Jax's friend and some even said they were his best friend!  That was nice to know since whenever I ask Jax about who he plays with he just shrugs his shoulders and says he doesn't remember.

(He was pretty happy after his cupcake!)

Jax couldn't wait to go to PE on his birthday and get his "Birthday Spanking."  I'm not sure what that all entailed but apparently all the kids think it is cool.  He's got a really neat PE teacher that just loves her job and all the kids and makes PE lots of fun.

While he was at school, Julie and I decorated our dining room with Skylander's stuff.  It totally surprised him and he loved it!

After Justin got home from work, we opened presents and we had some family came over to wish him a happy birthday!

Here he was thinking about his wish...

On Friday evening we went up to a restaurant called All Aboard.  We had heard about it-that the kids would love it and they did!  A train up above the tables goes around the track and delivers your food.  Both Jax and Julie were fascinated with the train and couldn't wait to see which table it would drop off the food.

Jax wore his conductor hat all night, but Julie took hers off after a couple of minutes because she was wearing her bow and it just got in the way.  (This girly, girl is very proud of her new bows!)

On Saturday was his bowling party birthday.  We picked up his Skylander cake and was so proud of it!

The kids loved to bowl and Julie got a ton of spares!  This is how she bowled and let me tell you, it sure worked!  She held her own during the game with all the big kids!

After the game, it was time to eat cake and open presents!

Jax had a blast during his impromtu three day celebration.  I'm tired...and poor Julie could not stand that someone else was getting tons of attention.  She has it already planned out that she wants a princess birthday party and that she is going to dance at her party.  Now, I'm not too sure I'll be planning a three year old princess dance party, but I'm sure I can plan something she would approve of.  Sheesh.

Happy 6th Birthday Jax!  You are such a blessing to our family and such a sweet kid!

Awards Assembly

Jax had an awards assembly this morning.  And unlike the Christmas Sing-a-long, I actually knew about it this time and could attend!

Jax received a Superstar award and a Perfect Attendance Award.  I was pretty proud of him and when it was all done and I wanted to get his picture taken, he obliged.  And then he asked if he could go. 

I guess I was crimping his style.  He had more important things to do than to hang out with Julie and me!

Another tooth!

December 10, 2013

Jaxson lost another tooth tonight.  He came home from school today just wiggling that thing away until it was hanging on by a thread (or gut, as Jax likes to call it.)  And just before bedtime, he pulled on it and out it came!

He was a little worried that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come because it was getting late, but I assured him that she will.  And that maybe she even had an app on her iPhone that told her to stop by Jax's house.  He thought I was being silly, but if I was the Tooth Fairy (ahem) that's what I would do. 

Anyways, I was prepared this time around.  When his first tooth was lost, we had just moved in to this new house and I boxes everywhere.  This time around, I didn't have to worry...the Tooth Fairy had gotten some cash and a new Star Wars Lightsaber tooth brush!

Jax's letter to the Tooth Fairy is so cute.  He needed help spelling some words, but other than that he wrote it by himself.

It says:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I lost another tooth. 



PS I need to keep my tooth.

And while he should be sleeping, he was drawing this picture of the Tooth Fairy coming into his room.  He drew his door, the Tooth Fairy (complete with a wand!), his note, and her bag of teeth.  Pretty creative!

Now let's hope this boy goes to sleep soon, so this Tooth Fairy doesn't have to stay up too late delivering the goods!

32 Months {Julianne}

Julianne can say Jaxson now instead of "boy."  It sounds like Jaggun.  She also calls Jaxson "Jaxson Ross" I think she must have gotten this from when Jaxson would get mad at her and call her Julianne Ross.  And I bet he got that from me when I get mad at him and call him Jaxson Isaiah Ross.  Hmmm.... kids sure do learn quickly!

She knows how to get her way.  She will clasp her hands together in front of her chest and give you the puppy dog eyes and say "peeeeeeeze?"  How can I resist?

Speaking of getting what she wants, she roped Justin into a tea party one day.  I'm impressed! 

Julie is now telling whoopers.  Once she had a bug bite and she told me that a mean "woof" (aka dog) had done that to her.  One day she had a dirty diaper and I told her we needed to change her.  She look at me in all seriousness and told me that her dirty diaper was all gone.  She worked so hard to convince me that was true.

Julie got her a princess cell phone the other day while we were shopping at Walmart.  She has talked a lot to Belle and Ariel.  And I have to admit-so have I.  You can't turn away a two year old when they hand you the phone and tell you to talk!

Julianne was a hard little worker on moving day.  She would go up and down the ramp carrying her toys into the truck.  She sure didn't want to leave anything behind!  Of course, she also liked running up and down the ramp-many, many times!

Since we moved she loves our new house.  She calls it "new house".  When I tell her we are going home she will correct me and say, "No, new house."  She associates "home" with our old house in Raleigh.  I wonder how long we will be calling this our new house?

One day I sneezed and Julianne responded, "You're welcome!"  I had a good laugh over that one.

Oh, Julianne.  You sure are a character.  Happy 32 months!

(Notice how we are both wearing scarves.  She is such a fashionista!)

31 Months {Julianne}

Julianne loves to wear dresses.  She gets very upset when I pull out an outfit that is shorts or pants.  She is such a girly girl.

But even though she loves dresses, she hates hair bows.  Go figure. 

She is a chatter box.  We went to Target one morning and she talked the whole entire time we were shopping.  That wore me out a bit.  But she sure is a good shopping partner.  I can ask her what she likes better and she will give me her opinion.  If I ask Justin or Jaxson, they just shrug and ask if we are done yet. 

Her favorite colors are pink and purple.  Princess Ariel is her favorite Disney princess.  We watched The Little Mermaid together and she loved it.  She recently started watching "A Goofy Movie."  (My sister loved that when she was little!)  She will watched that movie 3 times in one day. 

She LOVES her sweet tea.  I don't give it to her very often because you know, caffeine and sugar rush!  But she sure enjoys it when I make it for her.

Now that Alma has treated her to nail polish and make up, I went ahead and painted her nails one night.  Pink nail polish with purple sparkles...Julie was so happy!

She loves the big iPod (iPad) and now that Jaxson is at school, she gets to play with it some.  I saw this in our photo stream the other day:

I'm guessing she was painting nails in this art app.  Too funny!

Julianne is a determined little girl and pretty much gets what she wants.  (within reason!)  One day, Julie somehow roped Justin into playing some sort of beauty shop.  He would comb her hair.  And then she would comb his hair.  It went on for a while.  The whole time Julianne was just having so much fun!

Poor Justin!  I just had to laugh!

Happy 31 Months Julianne!

30 Months {Julianne}

I feel that Julianne grew up so much this month.  She's talking up a storm, making jokes, and wants to be the center of attention in anything that goes on around her.  

Her most frequent phrase is "Mama, wat dis!"  (Mama, watch this!)

Alma, my mom, visited this month and Julie was pampered each morning with make-up and lotion.  Alma pretended to put the make up on but Julianne just ate that up.  And she had her nails painted the very first time and she was so tickled by it.  She would show anyone who would talk to her-her pretty nails. 

Julianne is particularly found of Jaxson getting time outs.  She will say to me "Boy bad.  Me nice." She will also try to boss him around which I have to tell her she is not the parent.  One day, Jax was acting out pretty bad and I warned him that if he acted like a baby he was going to sit in Julianne's high chair.  Sure enough, he tested me and so I had him sit in the high chair.  Julie that that was hysterical that "Boy was a baby." Even she got the message.  And I have to say, that did help on his behavior. 

My mom and I took Jax to their very first Disney Live show.  It was Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Princess Sofia.  Julie ate that princess stuff up.  Disney KNOWS how to market to a two year old. 

I love her prayers at night to God.  I will usually pray something first and then she will follow up with her prayers.  She prays for all sorts of things...Alma, Meow-Meow, turch (chuch), and her babies.  It's fun to hear her each night.

She is really, really afraid of the dark now.  In addition to having a night light we also keep the light on until she goes to sleep.  This is a terrible habit, I admit but this is not one battle I want to fight just yet.  And she still falls asleep fast. 

Our conversation at naptime today:

I was tucking Julie and Meow-Meow at naptime.  I asked if everyone was happy being tucked in.  She said, "Yes.  Happy Meow-Meow.  Happy me."  Aw, so cute!

While staying in a hotel in Nashville, Julie appointed the closet to be her "room."  I'm not sure why, but she put all her toys in there and then would sit in there and play. 

She loves puzzles, just like Jax did.  One day when Jax was at Kindergarten orientation, we did puzzles for 1 hour and 10 minutes.  I was so sick of puzzles by the end of that hour.  But she had a blast.

Happy 30 Months Julianne!