31 Months {Julianne}

Julianne loves to wear dresses.  She gets very upset when I pull out an outfit that is shorts or pants.  She is such a girly girl.

But even though she loves dresses, she hates hair bows.  Go figure. 

She is a chatter box.  We went to Target one morning and she talked the whole entire time we were shopping.  That wore me out a bit.  But she sure is a good shopping partner.  I can ask her what she likes better and she will give me her opinion.  If I ask Justin or Jaxson, they just shrug and ask if we are done yet. 

Her favorite colors are pink and purple.  Princess Ariel is her favorite Disney princess.  We watched The Little Mermaid together and she loved it.  She recently started watching "A Goofy Movie."  (My sister loved that when she was little!)  She will watched that movie 3 times in one day. 

She LOVES her sweet tea.  I don't give it to her very often because you know, caffeine and sugar rush!  But she sure enjoys it when I make it for her.

Now that Alma has treated her to nail polish and make up, I went ahead and painted her nails one night.  Pink nail polish with purple sparkles...Julie was so happy!

She loves the big iPod (iPad) and now that Jaxson is at school, she gets to play with it some.  I saw this in our photo stream the other day:

I'm guessing she was painting nails in this art app.  Too funny!

Julianne is a determined little girl and pretty much gets what she wants.  (within reason!)  One day, Julie somehow roped Justin into playing some sort of beauty shop.  He would comb her hair.  And then she would comb his hair.  It went on for a while.  The whole time Julianne was just having so much fun!

Poor Justin!  I just had to laugh!

Happy 31 Months Julianne!