35 Months (Julianne)

One more month and this little cutie will be three!

Seriously.  How did that happen?!

Julie is our goofy girl.  She loves Disney princesses and playing Skylanders (with help!).  She loves to wear big bows in her hair and pulling her hair into a pony tails so she can play in the mud out in back.  In other words, she keeps us on our toes.

She loves to shop and is actually really helpful.  When we went shopping at Target and Kohls, she was helping me pick out shirts and telling me the pink and purple sparkly ones are pretty.  Not my style, but it sure was her style!

And look how cute she is with her tiny shopping cart.  All the grocery stores around here have these little carts.  At first I thought it was really neat, HOWEVER, after 50 million times of my ankles being ran into with that cart, I changed my mind.  Don't let that cute little cart fool you-it hurts!  I may have been guilty of telling her that the little shopping carts were all gone the next time we shopped....

Julie loves to help me in the kitchen.  She did not get this from me.  But I'm glad she enjoys it.  We've been making cookies, breads, soups, etc.  She gets really frustrated when I won't let her crack the eggs.  She tries to tell me that she is a big girl and not a baby.  She has yet to convince me. 

Julie still loves to sing.  Every time I would try to get a video of her singing, she would stop.  One day I'll capture it!

Happy 35 Months Julie!