36 Months {Julianne}

Julianne is 3 years old!

She started out this month by crawling out of her crib.  One morning, she just opened her door and came in to tell me good morning!  And that was the end of me sleeping in ever again.  Because she was now getting up with the sun.  Which was about 6:30am.  And she wouldn't take her naps either.  So I had one very sleep deprived child because of her refusal to sleep.  One day when I told her it was time for quiet time, she looked at the clock and told me, "let's just change the clock."  But sleep catches up with her when she least expects it!

We have bought her black out curtains and that seems to help a bit.

We also did a makeover on her room.  I found out that the crib she was sleeping in was recalled.  I went online to find the instructions to convert it to a toddler bed and I couldn't believe when I found out it was recalled.  I ended up calling the store that we got it from and getting a full refund.  So I ordered her a twin size platform bed which is going to look really cute.  In the meantime, she sleeping on a mattress on the floor and doesn't seem to mind one bit!

Julie is a busy girl.  One day I caught her on her princess phone while playing on the iPad!  She was in a very important conversation with one of the princesses...

She loves her shopping cart and will load that cart up with all sorts of trinkets.  Julie told Justin, "I shopping Daddy."  She was wearing a Tinkerbell shirt and so Justin commented to her that she looked like Tinkerbell.  She answered, "Yes Daddy, I do."

Julie loves to play Lalaloopsies.  Most of the time she will come up to me and ask, "Now play with me mama?"  And how can I resist?  It's funny to watch her imagination work.  Most of the time one of the lalaloopsies was having a birthday party so we would get the party together and then sing happy birthday to the little figurine.  She loved that so much.

And while she is a girly-girl at heart, she does not mind getting messy in the dirt!

Happy Birthday Julianne!  We love you so much!