Green Eggs and Ham {Read to me!}

Yesterday, Jax asked if he could read me Green Eggs and Ham to me.  We've read it before and he did a unit on the book in class.  I figured he would read the first couple of pages and then want me to read the rest. 

But I was wrong.

He read that entire book!  62 pages!  Now, I know that he has some of memorized but he still read the majority of the book.  I was completely impressed!  And so happy that he likes to read. 

Rock Climbing

Jaxson went to a rock climbing birthday party this weekend.  He was so excited to go and couldn't wait to climb. 

Jax chose to climb the kid's wall most of the time. 

He's a cautious kid, so when he got about 2 feet off the ground, he was pretty proud of himself.  And we were proud of him too!

Poor little Julie.  She wanted to rock climb too.  However, you have to be at least five years old to climb.  So she was a huge cheerleader for Jax.  Periodically, she would go over to the wall and touch it. 

At one point, she went over to Justin and told him that she was now five so she could climb. 

After not being able to convince us, she did get into the chalk (cause everyone else was using it to climb!) and was very proud of herself that she was ready to climb-just like everyone else!

The kids had a blast.  I'm sure that we will be heading back up there again soon!

Now this is snow!

Remember how this last week school was canceled before a snowflake or freezing rain drop fell?  And then it turned all to rain and it was a little bit of a disappointment?  Well. Last night we received yet another Winter Storm Watch/Warning warning us that we *might* get 1 to 2 inches of snow.  Well, after our Tuesday disappointment, I really didn't think we would see much.  And they were projecting that his "snow" was going to hit central Arkansas which when that happens, it misses us. 

Imagine our surprise when after going out to eat, we came outside and it was snowing teeny tiny flakes.  Again, no biggie.  We went over to Justin's parent's house and hung out for a while.  During that short amount of time, the snow came down.  All the kids were excited and immediately went out to play in it.  Our so called 1-2 inches was already over 3 inches and still falling like crazy.  We were all shocked.

Of course, we had to let the kids play in it before we came home. I tried to get a picture but as you can see, it's pretty dark out.  But look how pretty the snow is!

Poor Julie.  I tried to get her picture and little did I know that a snowflake totally photobombed her!

When the kids woke up this morning, they immediately headed outside.  It was so cold, but oh so pretty!

Julie tried to clean off the swing set...

And it was hard work for Julie to trample through the snow!

And I leave you with Jax who clearly was enjoying the snow. 

6 Years Old {Jaxson}

Jax is 6 years old now. Look how tiny he once was!

I can't believe how old he is getting!

I asked Jax some interview questions to get his perspective of just turning 6.

My favorite food is: cookies

My favorite show to watch is: Phineas and Ferb

I love it when I can read: books made from school

The best thing about school: going to PE

The worst thing about school: going to naptime

The coolest person is: Tyler

I am really good at: being quiet

My favorite color is: blue

The best place to be is: at home

When I grow up I want to be: a police

If I could do something all day long I would: build Legos

I really do not like to eat: soup

My friends are:  Tyler, Sora, Anthony, Pearson, Luke, Abby, Kylee

Favorite toy: Legos

When I was little I used to: play

3 words that describe me: play Skylanders, swap them, and I like Lava Barf Eruptor

This year I hope to learn: writing

100 Days of School

Jaxson recently celebrated 100 Days of School!  He was so excited because they were going to have a celebration-meaning that they made a special necklace, hat, cake, and a parade. 

Now, I didn't know that parents could come to the parade but was happy that Kristi got (what seemed) like the only parent notice to come to the parade. 

So Julie and I showed up bright and early at 9am and was able to watch the kindergarteners and 1st graders march around! 

And count to 100 by 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's, and 25's.  That seriously was some major excitement for the number 100. 

Well, what Jax is lacking in excitement, he is making up for in being super serious about his counting!  The celebration was the highlight of his week!

Jaxson's Birthday Celebration

Jaxson's birthday fell on a Thursday this year and somehow we ended up celebrating on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  A three day celebration for Jax was right up his alley.

On Thursday, I brought cupcakes to school during snack time and the kids loved that!  Jax doesn't talk about his friends much, but I had several kindergarten boys come up to me and tell me that they were Jax's friend and some even said they were his best friend!  That was nice to know since whenever I ask Jax about who he plays with he just shrugs his shoulders and says he doesn't remember.

(He was pretty happy after his cupcake!)

Jax couldn't wait to go to PE on his birthday and get his "Birthday Spanking."  I'm not sure what that all entailed but apparently all the kids think it is cool.  He's got a really neat PE teacher that just loves her job and all the kids and makes PE lots of fun.

While he was at school, Julie and I decorated our dining room with Skylander's stuff.  It totally surprised him and he loved it!

After Justin got home from work, we opened presents and we had some family came over to wish him a happy birthday!

Here he was thinking about his wish...

On Friday evening we went up to a restaurant called All Aboard.  We had heard about it-that the kids would love it and they did!  A train up above the tables goes around the track and delivers your food.  Both Jax and Julie were fascinated with the train and couldn't wait to see which table it would drop off the food.

Jax wore his conductor hat all night, but Julie took hers off after a couple of minutes because she was wearing her bow and it just got in the way.  (This girly, girl is very proud of her new bows!)

On Saturday was his bowling party birthday.  We picked up his Skylander cake and was so proud of it!

The kids loved to bowl and Julie got a ton of spares!  This is how she bowled and let me tell you, it sure worked!  She held her own during the game with all the big kids!

After the game, it was time to eat cake and open presents!

Jax had a blast during his impromtu three day celebration.  I'm tired...and poor Julie could not stand that someone else was getting tons of attention.  She has it already planned out that she wants a princess birthday party and that she is going to dance at her party.  Now, I'm not too sure I'll be planning a three year old princess dance party, but I'm sure I can plan something she would approve of.  Sheesh.

Happy 6th Birthday Jax!  You are such a blessing to our family and such a sweet kid!

Awards Assembly

Jax had an awards assembly this morning.  And unlike the Christmas Sing-a-long, I actually knew about it this time and could attend!

Jax received a Superstar award and a Perfect Attendance Award.  I was pretty proud of him and when it was all done and I wanted to get his picture taken, he obliged.  And then he asked if he could go. 

I guess I was crimping his style.  He had more important things to do than to hang out with Julie and me!

Another tooth!

December 10, 2013

Jaxson lost another tooth tonight.  He came home from school today just wiggling that thing away until it was hanging on by a thread (or gut, as Jax likes to call it.)  And just before bedtime, he pulled on it and out it came!

He was a little worried that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come because it was getting late, but I assured him that she will.  And that maybe she even had an app on her iPhone that told her to stop by Jax's house.  He thought I was being silly, but if I was the Tooth Fairy (ahem) that's what I would do. 

Anyways, I was prepared this time around.  When his first tooth was lost, we had just moved in to this new house and I boxes everywhere.  This time around, I didn't have to worry...the Tooth Fairy had gotten some cash and a new Star Wars Lightsaber tooth brush!

Jax's letter to the Tooth Fairy is so cute.  He needed help spelling some words, but other than that he wrote it by himself.

It says:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I lost another tooth. 



PS I need to keep my tooth.

And while he should be sleeping, he was drawing this picture of the Tooth Fairy coming into his room.  He drew his door, the Tooth Fairy (complete with a wand!), his note, and her bag of teeth.  Pretty creative!

Now let's hope this boy goes to sleep soon, so this Tooth Fairy doesn't have to stay up too late delivering the goods!

Thanksgiving was onto Christmas!

Thanksgiving was fun.  Since we had so many people coming, we had it at a local church.  Which has an indoor play area with a ball pit!

We had some great food and had a good time.  We brought clam dip which most people told us that they never had it before.  And asked if it was a Pacific Northwest thing.  I dunno.  I guess I never thought about it like that.  We just always had clam dip at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It was a must-have food!

We came home and I finished up painting Julie's room.  I was bold and decided to go with pink.  And let me tell you, that room is PINK!

When she first saw it on the walls, she said, "oh my gosh.  It is cool!"  Where in the world did she learn "Oh my gosh?" And to say it dramatically?  I'm a little worried for her teen years...

Meanwhile, Jax asked me when I was going to paint his room.  His room is such a nice gray color that fits perfectly with his Star Wars theme.  So I asked him again what color he would like to paint it and he told me black.  Nope.  Not going to happen.

Justin and did some yard work today.  These stupid vines are taking over our yard and need to be tamed.  It took a while, but we finally had a spot free. 

I think I'm going to go ahead and give up on the leaf battle.  I work so hard to clean them up and more appear each day.  Why does it take so long for the leaves to fall?!?

After all the hard yard work, I came inside and put up our Christmas trees.

Our family tree is on the left.  Jax's tabletop tree is blue and Julie chose pink.  Of course.  I had fun decorating them.  A girl can never have too much Deco Mesh!

I've sure enjoyed having this time off to get some stuff done around the house!

I live in a different (part of the) country.

You know what's a nice surprise?  Going to the supermarket and when looking for cucumbers you notice that right next to the collard greens is a weird looking item.  Upon further inspection,I realized that they were smoked necks.  In the vegetable area?  When I asked Justin about this when he got home from work, he told me that you make collared greens with the smoked necks.  His exact words were, "just like putting a ham bone in beans."  Now, I'm a girl from the Pacific Northwest and I'm pretty sure that is not the same thing.

Julie and I ventured to Walmart by our selves today.  I got a little over confident and decided not to use my GPS on my phone.  I ended up passing the Walmart exit and taking a nice scenic route to get back around.  Poor Julie thought it was taking forever to get there.  Note to self: It's ok to use GPS if you aren't sure exactly where a place is located.

Living in a tiny town has it's benefits.  I didn't realize that it's pretty much ingrained in me to look out around my surroundings at all times when I am out and about.  And always made sure my purse was close to me at all times.  Living in a big city, people (especially at some Walmarts) would steal wallets out of purses and I don't feel like I have to worry about that here.  It's very friendly town and a lot of people talked to me today while I was shopping at Walmart.  The cashier was even telling me all about her grandchildren while I was checking out. 

(On Jaxson's first day of school they had a Duck Dynasty dress up day.  Luckily he had this camo shirt so he could participate!)

Jaxson is loving school.  After his first day I asked him what his favorite part is.  He said everything.  Then I asked him what his not so favorite part is and he said, "Mom, I said EVERYTHING was my favorite."  Oh sorry!  His teacher is so sweet and has helped his transition to a new school go smoothly.  He loves PE the best.  He also told me yesterday that his PE teacher told the class that they need to go to a church Harvest Festival for Halloween and then go trick or treating.  So he came home telling me that we had to go to church first.  Which was our plan to begin with, but funny how a teacher saying that makes it so much more important. (But a teacher could have never told a class that in a big city school...)

The house is coming along.  Most of the boxes are out of here now and I can find most things.  I still have some more work to do and work on it daily.  And of course, I'm already thinking of house projects...painting Julie's room is top priority now!

Julie has loved to help me out.  She thought sweeping with the broom was the BEST thing ever.

Julie has helped me decorate.  Which really means that she has undecorated what I have already worked on.  And I think her wearing the cleaning gloves is a nice touch.  I'm not sure why she thought she needed cleaning gloves to move my picture frames!

In all each day we get a bit more settled into everyday life.  Who knows?  I may be purchasing some smoked necks to go in my collard greens-you know-just like a ham bone!