Hello 2016.  I guess it's time acknowledge that another year has gone by. 

To update-

Christmas was awesome. Although, I spent the better half of December planning and organizing Christmas. And really, Christmas is a blur. The kids unwrap their gifts, we eat, and we visit family. It seems like it should be much simpler.  
Anyways, I think this is the last year Jaxson will be able to believe in Santa. He tries really hard but he has too many questions. And I'm not about to make up anything so he will believe it longer. Instead, one night he was asking me all sorts of questions. I was pretty vague in my answers or would say I didn't know.  I finally asked him if he could just believe in the magic of Christmas. That really caught him off guard. But he agreed to it and laid low on any questions for the rest of the season. 

New Years
My New Years Eve was pathetic. I've finally embraced the fact that I am a true introvert. I like to be home in the evenings. Especially with my cozy pj's and blanket. And I was sick with a cold. So I went to bed about 9 o'clock. Super lame, I know. My twenty year old self would be horrified. 

New Years Resolutions
I've actually enjoyed making goals, finding my verse for the year, or one little word. But I really didn't plan anything. Sure, I want to read the entire bible again. Yes, I want my closet organized. Clear out clutter and slow down on life. But I couldn't narrow it down. 
But one night I stumbled on a Instagram feed of a Bible Journaling eCourse. I know absolutely nothing about Bible journaling. Or art. The eCourse sign ups were closing within the hour so I figured, why not?  And let me tell you, I am loving this course. To describe it-its a bible study art class. 

Today I had to break out the water colors and I actually used them. I only use water colors with my two year old class at preschool and mainly I'm teaching them to NOT DRINK THE PAINT WATER!  My art is far from perfect, my hand lettering is never straight on but Im enjoying it. I guess that's all that matters. This eCourse is goes all month of January so I think I accidentally stumbled on what I should be doing in 2016!

Thanksgiving was great...now onto Christmas!

Thanksgiving was fun.  Since we had so many people coming, we had it at a local church.  Which has an indoor play area with a ball pit!

We had some great food and had a good time.  We brought clam dip which most people told us that they never had it before.  And asked if it was a Pacific Northwest thing.  I dunno.  I guess I never thought about it like that.  We just always had clam dip at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It was a must-have food!

We came home and I finished up painting Julie's room.  I was bold and decided to go with pink.  And let me tell you, that room is PINK!

When she first saw it on the walls, she said, "oh my gosh.  It is cool!"  Where in the world did she learn "Oh my gosh?" And to say it dramatically?  I'm a little worried for her teen years...

Meanwhile, Jax asked me when I was going to paint his room.  His room is such a nice gray color that fits perfectly with his Star Wars theme.  So I asked him again what color he would like to paint it and he told me black.  Nope.  Not going to happen.

Justin and did some yard work today.  These stupid vines are taking over our yard and need to be tamed.  It took a while, but we finally had a spot free. 

I think I'm going to go ahead and give up on the leaf battle.  I work so hard to clean them up and more appear each day.  Why does it take so long for the leaves to fall?!?

After all the hard yard work, I came inside and put up our Christmas trees.

Our family tree is on the left.  Jax's tabletop tree is blue and Julie chose pink.  Of course.  I had fun decorating them.  A girl can never have too much Deco Mesh!

I've sure enjoyed having this time off to get some stuff done around the house!