1000 Gifts in 30 Days (November 4)

91.  Basketball season

92.  Red and orange leaves

93.  Bubbles

94.  Life lessons being taught to Jax

95.  Parenting

96.  Julie pretending to be a mermaid in the bath

97.  Jaxson reading me a story

98.  Julie "reading" a story to me as well.

99.  Dirty dishes

100.  Hugs

101.  Little bubbles floating up high

102.  Julie's laugh

103.  Jaxson's questions

104.  Clouds with their different formations

105.  Trash day

106.  Talking to Justin

107.  Emails from mom

108.  Pictures on Facebook from friends and family

109.  Hope lying in Jesus' resurrection

110.  Jaxson singing in the shower

111.  Prayers

112.  Praying with Jax and Julie at night

113.  Julie wanting to play with me

114.  Doing puzzles with Julie

115.  Nail polish with fun colors

116.  Jalapeno pop corn

117.  Olive oil

118.  The wind dancing in the trees

119.  God's right-on-time provisions

120.  Paydays

1000 Gifts in 30 Days (November 3)

61. Laundry machine

62.  Gas prices dropped

63.  Noodles

64.  New charger for my phone

65.  Justin working

66.  Marigolds still blooming

67.  Clutter that I need to sort

68.  Text messaging

69.  Comfy pajamas

70.  Electricity

71.  Kissing Jax on the forehead

72.  Cheese burritos

73.  Scripture typer app

74.  Awanas program

75.  My job

76.  Nursery play area for the kids

77.  Decoration the class for fall

78.  Lunchables

79.  Meat and cheese sandwich for lunch

80.  Green tea

81.  Rain that's forecasted

82.  Nieces and nephews

83.  Medicine

84.  Big hair bows on Julie

85.  Wearing capri pants in November

86.  The aero press to make my coffee

87.  Coats that still fit the kids from last year

88.  Getting the marroon car back from the shop

89.  The car business

90.  Swagbucks

1000 Gifts in 30 Days (November 2)

31.  Fluffy pillows

32.  Fan

33.  Laying in bed and looking on Pinterest

34.  Ambien

35.  Julie and her kitties

36.  Warm shower

37.  Kefir

38.  Abundant sunshine

39.  Brisk fall mornings

40.  Crunchy fall leaves

41.  Shopping by myself

42.  Oversized coffee mugs

43.  Fall breeze

44.  Jaxson riding the bus

45.  Going through Jaxson's school papers

46.  Lofthouse cookies

47.  The library

48.  Braids that make Julie's hair curly

49.  Early dinner prep-spaghetti

50.  Relaxing on the couch before dinner with the two kids

51.  Help from Justin

52.  Justin and Julie singing songs

53.  Getting into bed after a busy day

54.  Kids' energy

55.  Motrin to help Julie feel better

56.  Seeing Jax's joy about Cub Scout beads that he earned.

57.  Fan blowing on my face.

58.  Julie's kissable checks

59.  Sippy cups to prevent spills

60.  Dishwasher

1000 Gifts in 30 Days (November 1)

I'm counting 1000 gifts this month.  Crazy, yes?  But I this is exactly what I need so when Ann Voskamp posted this on her Instagram, I was in.

1. Water

2. Monster Mash

3. Cookies

4.  Playing Playdoh at the church nursery with my girl.

5.  The heater

6. Nap time on the couch

7.  Warm socks

8.  Time to read the Bible

9.  Cooking dinner in the crockpot

10.  Living super close to a grocery store so when we ran out of pull ups I could just easily get some more!

11.  Leaf blower to get the leaves out of the carport.

12.  Justin helping with getting Julie in the bath.

13.  Relaxing at home today after a busy week and weekend.

14.  My boots.

15.  Hand-me-down clothes

16.  New and inexpensive jewerly

17.  Hot coffee on a cold morning.

18.  Laundry pile dwindling.

19.  Lots of people in worship today.

20.  Getting my lesson for preschool planned.  Time!

21.  Hearing what the kids are thankful for.  Julie-bracelets.  Jaxson-Jesus living in our hearts.

22.  Lotion

23.  Cleaning up the flower beds.

24.  Light coming in on the window during my nap.

25.  Reading some good books.

26.  Yummy snacks

27.  Early bedtime

28.  Extra hour of sleep

29.  Sleeping in to 7:30am

30.  My comforter on the bed

A Day in the Life

It's been a long time since I've done a day in the life post.  I figured today would be as good as any-so here we go!

6:29am  My alarm goes off and I totally snooze it in my sleep.

6:30am  My second alarm goes off and again I sleep-snooze it.

6:40am I finally realize that I NEED TO GET UP!

7:30am I'm dressed and ready for the day.  I get the kids breakfast while I work on getting all of us ready for school.

8:00am Justin takes Jax to school.

8:20am Julie and I leave for school.

By 8:30am, I'm working in my classroom while Julie is running around and playing at the preschool playroom.

9:00am  The preschool doors are unlocked and we are ready for our students!  It's letter C week and I have all sorts of crafts for my two year olds.

12:20pm  School is done for the day.  Whew, the two year olds wore me out, yet again!  They sure are cute, but sometimes it's like herding cats when I need to transition them to the playroom or to the music/art room.

Julie and I come home and eat lunch.  We run boring errands such as the grocery store and the library.  But when we come home, Julie and I practice her Bible verses for Awana tonight.

In case you didn't catch all of that with her hopping, skipping, and falling-here are the Bible verses she was talking about

God loves us and sent his Son. 1 John 4:10

All have sinned. Romans 3:23

While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

For God created all things.  Revelation 4:11

I'm super impressed with her.  Awana has this app for the iPhone that sings the Bible verses.  She loves this app and sings along with it all the time.  

Afterwards, it was time to play.  Every day she asks me to play with her.  And while playing Lalaloopsies is really not on the top of my list, I somehow get roped into it.

Lalaloopsies is very messy.

3:30pm Luckily, I'm saved by the bus!  Jaxson's bus to be more specific!

Isn't it nice that he is dropped off right in front of the driveway?  When I was a kid my bus dropped me off at the very bottom of the street and I had to walk UPHILL all the way to my house.  Which was the very last house on the street.  In 5 feet of snow.  Without snow boots or a jacket.

Oh, I kid.  But seriously.  It was a steep uphill 10-15 minute walk.  Kids these days have it too easy.

After Jax has his snack it's homework time!  Specifically, reading a book, practicing reading words, and spelling words.  Ugh.  I hate homework.

4:15pm  After his homework, I make some sugar cookies to take to the preschool tomorrow for them to decorate.  C is for cookie, you know!

Julie paints while reminding me that she is starving for dinner.

5:00pm We eat dinner.  I just heated up leftovers from last night.  I try to make more on Tuesdays so I don't have to cook on Wednesday with Justin being at the church for dinner and Bible Study and the kids heading off to Awana.

After dinner, the kids sit down with the iPad and watch a movie on it.

6:00pm Jamin picks them up for Awana.

I work on planning the next Cub Scout Den meeting, my lesson plans for tomorrow, and my Sunday School lesson.  I'm in a season of having to be really organized or else I will forget something.

8:30pm  Jax and Julie come back home. I get them in the shower/bath and ready for bed.

9:00pm Bedtime for the kids!

I try and relax but really I just want to go to bed too.  I get so tired around this time!

Here is the Week in the 2012 that I did.  Jax and Julie are so tiny and cute!!!

Pumpkin Patch

Today the preschool went to the pumpkin patch.  All the kids were excited for it, even though I'm sure the majority of them had no idea what to expect.  Julie told us last night she was picking out a purple pumpkin and getting lots of candy.  And when I asked where in the world she got that idea she said it was from her preschool teacher.  And since I work with her preschool teacher, I knew that really wasn't true.

We first started out with the pig races.  And that was actually fun.  I was wondering how the kids would react with that and they seemed to enjoy it a lot.  We also went over to the goats and fed them out of our hands.  Julianne was not impressed with that at all.  She's never been an animal person and this just confirms that she still is not a fan of animals.

We also went on a hayride too.  It was pretty fun to drive around and look at their decorations for Halloween.

During all of those fun activities, Julie kept asking when she would get her pumpkin.  So finally at the end, we were able to go over and pick one out.  Of course, it was too heavy for her and so I ended up carrying that around.  Along with one we picked out for Jaxson.  They were heavy but I plan on making pumpkin pie out of them so they will be worth it eventually.

By the time we were done, I had a cranky girl on my hands.  I knew she was hungry.  But clearly she was also tired!

Water Park

After our summer cold spell, we are having some nice warm days and we decided to head to the new Aquatic Park to check it out.  This place was great!  They had a toddler water play area, a big train to climb all over, lots of slides, and a lazy river.

While we were all in the lazy river, Jax was bumped by one of the tubes while wiggling his very, very, very loose tooth and out it came!  He was so excited that he has now lost teeth at school and at the pool!

We were enjoying a yummy watermelon slushie.  

We had a great time today and it was a great day to spend it at the pool.  I loved the lazy river the most-for obvious reasons.  Nothing like floating in a circle!

First Day on the Beach

It's safe to say the kids had a blast on their first day on the beach.

The checked out the waves.

The waves surprised Julie at times.

And Jax's dream came true when he was buried in the sand!

After spending most of the afternoon at the beach, we went out for dinner and explored around.

We stopped a snow cone shack for the kids.  They loved this treat.

However, I did not think this through when they ordered red snow cones!

(All the stains did come out though!)

We ended up at the Hang Out which is a really fun place to you know, hang out.  It has fun activities for the kids, live bands, and a fun restaurant atmosphere.

To the beach!

We were so excited to go to the beach last week.  But we had a long road trip ahead of us....we went through three states in one day!

To entertain myself on long road trips, I love to take pictures of the state signs.  Nothing like marking a milestone of getting that much closer to our destination!

Jaxson was watching Duck Dynasty on the iPod (while wearing his camo hat) driving through Louisiana.  Oh the irony!  We had a good laugh at that.

We were so happy to arrive at the beach!  It is absolutely beautiful there.  This was the view from our condo.  Not too shabby....

After checking out the condo, we all walked over to the beach to check it out.  We had told the kids about it, but they really didn't understand it would really be just a huge sandbox and fun crashing waves!  Jax loved it and would run into the ocean (in his clothes!) and then would run out so the waves were chasing him.

Oh to be a kid!  We were pretty excited that we arrived at the beach and were very ready for the next day to get out and play on the beach.

And yet another tooth!

Jax has had a really loose tooth for a couple of days.  It was so loose that it would swing out in front of his other teeth and make him look like a country bumpkin.  In fact, before I would take a picture of him I would have to tell him to put his tooth back in place.  It was gross.

Finally today at school, he was in art class and he wiggled it and it came out.  He was pretty excited that he lost another tooth at school.  I guess it gives him a lot of attention.  Come to think of it, that is probably why he didn't work too hard getting it out when he was home.

When I picked him up at carpool he told me how he didn't lose it.  I didn't see him because I was driving so I answered the usual "uh huh." and drove on.  But he was really playing a joke on me and told me all about his tooth falling out.  Everyone starting laughing with him and he had to go to the school nurse.  He loves to go to the school nurse.  Unfortunately, she wasn't there but he ended up getting a baggie for his little tooth.

He told me that his friend Ally said he looks really funny when he smiles.  He's pretty proud of that huge gap in his mouth now.  He thinks it is so cool that he can stick his tongue through the gap now!

Jax wrote the tooth fairy again so he could keep his tooth.  The tooth fairy knows that he wants to keep his tooth, but I guess he wanted to be sure.  She brought him some money and a new tooth brush.  It's a Batman tooth brush that lights up AND makes sounds.  He was pretty happy with that and couldn't wait to use it this morning.