To the beach!

We were so excited to go to the beach last week.  But we had a long road trip ahead of us....we went through three states in one day!

To entertain myself on long road trips, I love to take pictures of the state signs.  Nothing like marking a milestone of getting that much closer to our destination!

Jaxson was watching Duck Dynasty on the iPod (while wearing his camo hat) driving through Louisiana.  Oh the irony!  We had a good laugh at that.

We were so happy to arrive at the beach!  It is absolutely beautiful there.  This was the view from our condo.  Not too shabby....

After checking out the condo, we all walked over to the beach to check it out.  We had told the kids about it, but they really didn't understand it would really be just a huge sandbox and fun crashing waves!  Jax loved it and would run into the ocean (in his clothes!) and then would run out so the waves were chasing him.

Oh to be a kid!  We were pretty excited that we arrived at the beach and were very ready for the next day to get out and play on the beach.