Mother's Day

On Thursday, the preschool had a Muffins for Mom for Mother's Day.  I got to go in Julie's class and see that she made a cute card and painted a nice flower pot.  It was pretty cute.  She was happy to have me in her classroom, but she really hurried to eat her muffin so she could play with her friends.  Luckily, since I work there, I just slipped back into my classroom and visited with my student's moms instead.  It's funny how she wants me to be there-but only on her timing.

On Friday, Jaxson came home with a cake and pretty cute card.  He decorated the cake by himself.  He's done this every year at school and this is the best he has ever done!  Usually, there is about a million sprinkles and six inches of icing on it.  Either way, I've always enjoyed them though!  Just funny to see how he's growing up-even in his cake decorating skills.

Inside the card he had filled out questions about me.  That seriously was the most entertaining part!  I like how he put that I loved to see Star Wars with him a bajillion times.  (We do share that in common!)  And I like the quote of me saying to him, "That he's my favorite boy."  That's totally true!  I always tell him that.  And he always rolls his eyes at me when I say it.  But apparently, it must of stuck with him and he actually does appreciate it.

I also like that he put that if I could go anywhere in the world it would be Shell Ross.  That's a local nursery store around here and I love looking at all the plants and flowers they have.  But I do have to say that if I could go anywhere in the WORLD, I'd probably venture out of state.  Or country even.  But it's sweet that he remembers I like that store!

So on actual Mother's Day, Julie woke up not feeling the greatest.  Not bad.  But just not herself.  She was fine at church but later on in the day she was sick with the stomach bug.  Yuck.  I just counted my lucky stars that she is old enough to tell me when she was going to be sick and I could help her.  Poor girl. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Project Life

Tuesday October 8

Today Jaxson's class went to the fire station.  He loved every minute of it.  He learned that you call 911 in an emergency and to stop, drop, and roll!

Wednesday October 9

Julie had a minor problem.  Her Princess Sofia necklace's batteries died.  So we had to replace them.  She was so happy that her necklace finally worked again!

Thursday October 10

I hate packing.

Friday October 11

Julie saw I was wearing a scarf and needed one too!  I found a smaller one for her to wear.  She is such a fashionista!

Saturday October 12

Technically, this isn't a picture.  But Jaxson decided to set up his Angry Bird Star Wars Death Star and then yell, "Millennium Falcon!" really loud and run crash into it.  Never a dull moment....

Sunday October 13

No picture.

Monday October 14

This caught my eye as I was walking past Julie's room.  A quaint little tea party was going on...and I wasn't invited!

Project Life

Since the next couple of weeks are going to CRAZY, I thought I would start documenting more PL on my blog.  That way, I can go back and fill out my Project Life Album.  Seriously, my week has been all about this:

Tuesday October 1

This was the day I played Minnie Mouse with Julie for a LONG time.

Wednesday October 2

I'm not sure where she learned this, but I cannot resist little Julie when she comes up to me and pleads, "pweeeze?"

Thursday October 3

No picture.

Friday October 4

I took the kids to the doctor to get their flu shots.  Jax was brave and told me he would just say "Ow."  And that's what he did.  I thought Julie would cry.  But she copied Jax and just said "ow" too!

Anyways, Julie loves the fish tank in the waiting room!

Saturday October 5

No picture.

Sunday October 6

I don't have a picture, but I do have a funny story!  Jaxson was talking to Pap (Justin's dad) on FaceTime and Jax told him that he wanted to paint a Star Wars room.  Pap asked what it would look like and Jax said it would look black.  We all had a good laugh.  He is NOT painting his room black!

Monday October 7

No pictures today.  I did boring things, like going and getting my flu shot!