Cub Scouts and Selfies

Jaxson is very proud to be in Cub Scouts.  He joined last year and was a Tiger Cub.  This year he is a Wolf!  A lot of his friends have joined and he just loves it.

We finally bought the Wolf part of his uniform.  Each year we have to swap out the hat and the neckerchief.  And he was so happy to have all of it put together.  So happy, in fact, that he was taking a bunch of selfies on the iPad with different faces!

Who taught him this?  Is this just something ingrained in the younger generations?  I told him how we didn't have internet when I was a kid and that just astounded him.  And his teacher told him that phones used to be hooked to medieval!

Anyways, this weekend we had a car wash to earn money for the troop.  It was a little cold and windy, but those boys worked hard!  And there was always a constant line of cars just waiting to be washed.  It was amazing.  In the end, we earned a bunch of money for the pack to buy awards the scouts will be earning later this year.  And while he was tired of washing cars, I think he enjoyed hanging out with his friends and getting all soapy!

(And notice all us parents had to join in to get the tops and bottoms of cars!  There was always a spot that was missed!)