Earthquakes Vs. Tornadoes

On Thursday, I had my first "Tornado Warning" while living in Arkansas. 

The weather people here can't predict the weather.  They get really excited about these spring storms, but they are so unpredictable that you just have to wait and see what happens.  And while we were in a moderate risk all day long, nothing happened around us.  The air was humid and soupy.  It was awful feeling.  But no storms.  As the day went on, more storms came through north of us and I thought we just might get away with not having anything. 

But I was wrong.  I was asleep for about an hour when the loud thunder woke me up.  The lightening was crazy.  The sky was constantly lighting up.  Julie woke up about this time and was so scared.  I grabbed her and tucked her into bed with us so she would feel better.  As we started to relax, I heard sirens.  Which I figured were the tornado sirens people had told me about them.  It surprised me because I thought they were piercing loud-like a fire alarm.  Surprisingly, they were sort of quiet and not high pitched like I imagined. 

Anyways, I did remain calm, but told Justin that maybe we should turn on TV and see if there was a tornado near us.  He was half asleep and responded, "It's raining out. If there was a tornado, it wouldn't be raining."  Ah, he's so comforting.

After some prodding, we all got up and saw that the "rotation" was headed this way.  See?

We were in the path!  I was ready to go to our "safe place" but luckily the rotation fell apart before it came near us.  But after that fell apart, we got a severe thunderstorm warning.  It said that it would be here around 12:57am.  And at 12:55, our power went out.  Which probably meant the storm was here.  It was still so crazy out there.  That thunder was so loud!  I tried to get a video of the thunder and lightning together but you can mostly just see the rain pouring off our roof. 

With all the thunder I didn't realize that it was super windy out.  A wind gust brought a lot of rain inside the house!  I got soaked with the rain. Or else I would have tried to get a better video.  This one would have to do. 

I grabbed our lantern/flashlight which delighted Julie.  She was in love with that thing and using it all over the house!  We headed back to bed and I hoped the power would come back soon.  And it was back on in about 2 hours.  I was shocked.  That was fast.

Meanwhile, Jax slept through the whole commotion.  I have no idea how he could do that. 

As I was driving Jax to school the following morning, we drove by this on our road.  This is about 3 houses down from us.  It used to be a corner of a pretty tall fence.

Lots of trees were down around town.  But our town did not receive the worst damage at all. Towns south of us got the straight line winds that clocked up to 85mph!  That's just crazy.

After my first experience with this spring storm, I think I do almost prefer the tornado warning over the unknown of earthquakes.  I grew up living in a earthquake zone and had been in a handful of minor earthquakes.  But we never knew when they would shake.  At least with this storm, we knew exactly when this storm would come and where it was at pretty much at all times.  That was pretty handy.

Ice Day!

On Wednesday, our temperature was 78 degrees!  It was glorious.

I was a little warm running errands!

And now it's Friday and we are currently 32 degrees but really feels like 21 (according to my weather app!).  Brrrr!  

School was canceled yesterday even before a drop of rain fell!  I was looking forward to sleeping in but wouldn't you know that both Jax and Julianne didn't sleep in one bit!  Seriously.

So now we are kicking back, enjoying a cup of tea, and watching the Winter Weather Coverage. 

Since we are having winter weather, it's only fitting that I share this photo of Julie and the "Santa" she likes to visit when we run errands.  She loves to touch his beard and loves that he's basically the same size as her!