Little Moments with Julie (and Minnie Mouse!)

Now that Jaxson is at school, Julie just assumes that I want to play with her all day long.  Today, we played Minnie Mouse. 

For an hour.

It was a mixture of a tea party with momentary lapses of "Bad Doggies" messing up Minnie's House.  I guess a two year old can imagine so much.

These doggies (Woof-Woofs) were bad.  They were put in time out a lot.  They liked to tease the kitty.  Justin and I have figured that Julie has quite the affection for cats-not so much for dogs.

At one point, Julie had me playing Mickey and when "Mickey" asked for Minnie, Julie brought out her pretend phone (aka hand) so Mickey could talk to her.

Julie talked to Minnie too.  Which I was glad to see that Julie doesn't require an iPhone...yet.

It was fun playing with her.  Often times, I get so focused on my to-do list that I can miss these little moments.  There's nothing like playing Minnie Mouse with Julie!