Last Day of School

It's the last day of school for Jax!  Well, not really.  They still have to go Monday, but considering that his desk is all packed up and there is absolutely nothing to do, I'm not going to make him go.  So I took a picture today of him.  

Julie has been out of school for about a month now.  Here's the picture from her last day of school.  

I did an interview video of both of them.  Enjoy!

I like how Jaxson couldn't think of anything to say about what he didn't like about school.  I can answer that pretty quickly.  HOMEWORK!  He hated the homework and spelling words always did Jaxson and me both.  I was luckily enough to find Spelling City because we both were miserable when he studied spelling.  After finding this app, it made studying much more bearable.

And Julie loved everything about preschool.  She misses her friends and still talks about school a lot.  It was her social life-she could have cared less about learning her alphabet and numbers, she just wanted to play with her friends!

And now...onto summer!