The Lake

We went over to the lake on Friday.  Jax didn't have school and Justin's family was over there camping. 

The kids immediately went and threw rocks in the lake.

Julie took it pretty seriously and sat down for a while as she collected rocks in her bowl.

The tree balance bar was fun to walk from and jump.

Jax couldn't wait to go fishing.  He had several bites but didn't real any fish in.

We went to a Minute to Win it show at the amphitheater in the afternoon.  Jax had to use toilet paper to make a hummingbirds next.  This was right up his alley-just the other week he unrolled a whole toilet paper roll between his room, Julie's room, and the hallway.  After he unrolled the toilet paper on stage, the ranger asked Jax to scrunch it in a ball.  Jax misunderstood and thought he had to roll the toilet paper on the tube.  Hilarious.  He finally got it and scrunched it on a ball.  He made the nest in time and won the grand prize!

We had a great time and didn't get back until late that night.  I'm sure we will be headed back soon.  Julie's favorite part was throwing rocks in the lake and Jax like walking up the tree balance bar and jumping from it and fishing.